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Fanny is a fantastic instructor because she incorporates her extensive knowledge of how the body works and what your specific needs are with the pilates exercises in class.  I came to the class at the suggestion of a physical therapist because of pain and lack of flexibility that I was experiencing.  Since being a part of Fanny's classes for a year now, I have gained greater flexibility, some relief from the pain, improved posture and a toned and flatter stomach! 

This was the best thing I have ever done for my physical health.

            --(Paralegal in Atlanta, Georgia)

Fanny is the best pilates instructor EVER!  She shows a genuine interest in each and every student regardless of the studentís abilities or fitness level.  The most wonderful aspect of her classes for me was how centering they were for me.  The classes not only kept my physical body in shape but also help with my mental and energy bodies as well.  Taking classes with Fanny and being around her is one of the greatest privileges Iíve ever had.

            --Maria in Tampa, FL

Fanny introduced me to pilates and I loved it from the very first class.  She explains the reason behind each movement which makes the movement that much easier to accomplish.  Her style, personality and enthusiasm make each class something to look forward to instead of the kind of exercise class you dread.  There's always something new to learn! I feel stronger and leaner and look forward to continuing improvement as I continue working with Fanny. 

            --Amy in Decatur, GA

Since I started taking Pilates with Fanny I noticed a significant difference on my body. I was just doing a cirquit workout twice a week but not getting the results I wanted. Now, I still do the circuit workout plus the Pilates class once a week and I went from a size 14 to a size 6. ( I am only 5' 1") Which is a great thing!

            --L. From Atlanta, GA

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