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Dear future Student/Client:

My name is Fanny Santiago-Saavedra and I invite you to come to my classes with an open mind, heart and willingness to have a good time doing these practices. My classes and workshops are taught with the premise that in order to stick to a fitness and wellness program that works and resonates with you, you must learn to connect the mind with the body and create the "right energies" to make it work.

I do my best to create the supportive environment you seek for you to succeed in your wellness practices. My group classes and seminars are practical, affordable and fun. My one on one sessions are sacred to me since I reserve the time, energy and preparation that you deserve to get the utmost professional service as you learn about yourselves and  enhance your well being.  I hope we can get together in one of my classes, workshops or one on one sessions very soon.




Fanny's Professional Biography


Fanny has thrity years of experience teaching diverse body-mind disciplines ranging from dance, yoga, martial arts, fitness barre, and meditation. Her workshops and classes also include Essential oils, natural self care, her academic background in Somatics, and Latino folk traditions in order to achieve harmony and well being from the inside out. 

Besides her extensive training in Yoga, Pilates, Movement Studies and Dance, Fanny continuosly pursues her scholarly interests and passion for western and non-western forms of holistic practices. This interest has led her to become a certified Barre istructor, Reiki practitioner/teacher, get a diploma in Movement Studies from the Scandinavian Physical Culture Institute in Denmark, and learned Yogic Sciences and Hatha yoga with various yoga teachers in the past. Since 2001 she study yoga and meditation techniques under the guidance of Sahguru Jaggy Vasuded in the US and pursued further studies at the Isha Yoga Center in India in 2003. Fanny had done extensive research and internship in sanacion (Puerto Rican folk health practices) with various Puerto Rican healers in Puerto Rico in addition to three decades of apprenticeship with Puerto Rican body work “ventosa”  traditionally performed in her family for generations.

 While in apprenticeship, Fanny realized the need to bring wellness  practices from a holistic perspective in order to understand and ultimately, realize our own full potential. Since then, she has taken the responsibility of advocating holistic ways of fitness and body-mind practices.

Inspired by her teachers and elders as well as her formal education, Fanny has designed several fitness classes and wellness curriculum that includes empowerment tools for better health, inner peace and power using various elements from  movement, energy work, world philosophies, healing techniques and spirituality. Fanny  holds degrees in Psychology and Dance from Universidad de Puerto Rico, Dance Education from University of Tennessee and a  Ph. D. in Cultural Studies with a specialization in Somatics and Wellness Practices from The Ohio State University.


Curriculum Vitae


2016 to present:

Instructor restorative Hatha Yoga and Somatic Educator. Ponce Health Science University. Zona Indutrial Reparada, Carr. # 2, Ponce Puerto Rico, 00732. 

Teaching hatha yoga classes for the University Staff, faculty and students with an emphasis on anatomy, somatic education, and stress management . 

2015 to present: 

Fitness Barre Instructor and Yoga/Pilates substitute. V Yoga Studio, 2169 Ave. Las Americas, Ponce, Puerto Rico 

Design and teach adapted curriculum for Ballerobica Fitness Barre mix level, ages 18 to 65.

Introducing Somatic Education into restorative forms of Yoga and Pilates. 

2014 to Present: 

Essential Oils and Natural Self Care Educator. SomaEnergio Wellness. 

Design and teach curriculum for Essential Oils classes, Winter natural self care, Natural allergies care, detoxing and cleaning naturally, Beautification self care using aryurveda and Essential Oils. Instructing at various venues in AtlantaGA, USA and Puerto Rico.

2003 To present:

Founder of SomaEnergio Wellness.  A wellness company dedicated to the holistic and wellness aspects of the self through Pilates, Yoga and specialized wellness programs for the enhancement of the body-mind-spirit.

Design and teach adapted curriculum for Ballerobica Fitness Barre for populations over 40. Teaching since 2013 to the present. Atlanta, Ga, Ponce, PR

o        Design and teach curriculum for Mat Pilates classes, from introduction to Pilates to advanced levels. Instruct at various venues in Atlanta, GA.

o        Design and teach curriculum for hatha yoga classes with an emphasis on anatomy and special needs such as spinal problems, breast cancer survivors with limited mobility, Developed curriculum for recovery around injuries, stamina, relaxation reponse and general wellbeing education. 

o        Designed a program for injury recovery using various somatic techniques such as Feldenkrais, Alexander technique, Bartenieff fundamentals, Pilates and Hatha Yoga.

o        Presently, advising the curriculum of Pilates and Movement Eduction lessons for the Emory Department of Orthopedics Center.


September 20011 to Dec 2013: 

Calanwolde arts Center. Pilates instructor Teaching Pilates open level and Pilates for Dancers to students ages 14 to 18 and Adults. Atlanta GA.

April 2006 to Sept 2013:

      Evening at Emory, Life Long Learning Instructor Teaching Introduction to Pilates and Pilates level 2, to adults and Au per Certification Students. Emory University, Atlanta GA.


January 2001 to 2005:

Self employed as an integrative health practitioner and educator in Reiki, Hatha Yoga, Latino Holism and Pilates Mat Workout in Columbus OH.

o        Group Instruction at Arjuna Movement Arts, Center for Wholeness and Worthington Parks and Recreation in Columbus, Ohio.

o        My duties include curriculum and instruction for Reiki, Pilates Mat workout and Hatha yoga.

o        Private practice in movement education, Reiki energy work and Latino folk health practices. Emphasis on the body-mind and multicultural aspect of the practices. 

o        Group Workshops and lectures in Latino Cultural Diversity and Latino Holism to educators and health professionals for The Ohio State University and Columbus Public schools.


Academic year 2001-2002:

Graduate Teaching Associate.  Teaching the course "Body and Mind Go to School" (EDPL 411), The Ohio State University

o        This course presents an interdisciplinary approach to experiencing the body-mind connection using examples and experientials from culture, schooling, healing and society. The course included movement practices such as Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Alexander technique and other non-western practices such as Tai Chi, African Dance, Afro-Caribbean movement and healing and Latino wellness.  


Summers of 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003:

Guest Lecturer. The Ohio State University Summer Art Institute:

o                    Teaching in-service health care providers and educators on how to integrate cultural practices and curriculum about healing and learning using movement, body-mind integration and phenomenological approaches of Somatic theory.


Academic year form 1996 to 2000:

Graduate Teaching Associate.  The Ohio State University.

o        Developed a curriculum and training program for wellness classes such as yoga 1 & 2, movement and self awareness, self defense and dance classes such as folk and social dance at the School of Physical Activity and Educational Services (PAES).

o        Duties included creating an integrative curriculum of body/mind wellness, teaching, mentoring graduate students, recruiting volunteer helpers and community lectures/demonstrations. The focus of the courses concentrated on the integrative and post-modern models of wellness in theory and practice.  


Fall 1998-Spring1999:

Somatic Instructor. Department of Cultural Studies in Education, Somatic Studies Program. Part of the Cultural Diversity as Practice: Introducing Somatic Education into Two University District Schools.

o        My duties included preparing in-service teachers teaching Somatic education and Yoga. The instruction was focused on experiencing cross-cultural values through movement.


Academic years 1994 to 1996:

Adjunct Faculty. Ballet and creative movement.  University of Cincinnati CCM (College Conservatory of Music), Cincinnati, OH.

o        My duties included teaching and developing curriculum for ballet technique and creative movement.


Jan. 1991-Dec. 1992:

Graduate Teaching Associate The Human Performance and Sports Studies Department, School of Education, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN.

o        My Duties included creating an integrative curriculum of body-mind techniques such as Alexander technique, Bartenieff fundamental, Ideokinessis and yoga for performing artists.

o        Teaching duties included beginning levels of ballet, modern dance and jazz.




Ph.D.  College of Education

Somatic Studies Program



M.S. College of Health and Education

Human Performance and Sport Studies 



B.A., Psychology, MAGNA CUM LAUDE;




Pilates Certification: Expert Rating Instruction 2005, 2007, 2016

Ballerobica Fitness barre Certification 2014

CPR Certification Program, Atlanta, GA, 2010

Pink Ribbon Program Certification, 2008

Yoga Certification: Expert Rating Instruction 2005, 2007

CPR Certification, American Red Cross, 2007

Reiki Teacher Level: Japanese Reiki, Cincinnati OH, 2002

Reiki Master Level: Japanese Reiki, Cincinnati OH, 2002

Reiki: Level 2 White Winds Center, Columbus, OH, 2001

Reiki: Level 1 White Winds Center, Columbus, OH, 2000

Movement Studies Certification: The Scandinavia Institute of Physical Culture, Denmark, 1997



Preparing Future Faculty Fellowship Award.  Academic year 2002-2003. The Ohio State University.

Somatic Student Award.  Academic year 1999-2000. The Ohio State University.




Somatic Society, Member since 2002   

National Wellness Institute, Member since 2003