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Essential oils /aceites essenciales

Noticias! Estamos ofreciendo clases de grupo y privadas en espanol y English. 
Great news! we are Offering Group and Private classes and services In English and Espanol.

Our new address/Nuestra nueva direccion es Portales de Vista Bahia, 523 Paseo Cielo y Mar,  Penuelas PR 00624. 

We are working on creating a dream studio for your enjoyment! See you soon... Estamos creando un estudio de sueno para tu disfrute. Los esperamos pronto....

* New Essential oil 101 classes: FREE.  
Nueva clase en aceites esenciales: Gratis.

Clases de aceites esenciales: 

1. Aceites 101: Aprenda mas sobre los aceites esenciales,como usarlos y como ordenar estos aceites organicos terapeuticos que tu puedes oler usar en tu piel e inclusive ingerir sin tener que preocuparte por usar quimicos nocivos en tu cuerpo y tu hogar. 


LLama para registrarte. El formato es de de 1 persona o puedes invitar a 8 personas y si ellos compran tu obtienes un regalo. 

2. Talleres de aceites esenciales: Estos talleres estan disenado para que aprendas como utilizar los aceites e incorporarlos haciendo tus propios porductos de limpieza,cuidado personal, productos ecologicos, recetas de cocina y productos de belleza como cremas y cosmeticos. Vas a ahorar mucho dinero y vas a saber que exactamente tienen tus productos proque tu misma los hicites. 

Costo: $ 25.00,  pero puedes tomar el taller GRATIS si compras el primium kit con Fanny

Oil classes:

1. 101 Essential oil class: learn more about what are Essential oils and how to use them and how to order Therapeutic Grade oils that you can safely smell, use topically and even ingest, without putting harmful chemicals in your body and home.  

New classes schedule will be on line. more at a later date! 

For information and to pre-register  please write to 

2. Essential oils workshops: This workshops are designed with a hand on approach for you to learn how to incorporate the

 essential oils into every day by making your own products such as cleaners, self care, green living, cooking and beauty products.

 You will be saving lots of money making your own DIY version of products without the harmful toxins and chemicals of the store

 version with these recipes

Essential oil workshop: to be announced. 

cost: Free for Members who has purchase the Premium started Kit with Fanny. 

General public :$ 25.00

The cost of these workshops includes materials, recipes, and examples.  For information and to pre-register please write to 


Fitness Barre Class

La clase de Barra esta en su nuevo local. 

21 71 Ave. las Americas, Altos.

Esta clase explora los elelmentis de Ballet. Pilates, estiramiento/fuerza muscular flexibilidad y gracia.
Para registrarse llame a 787-697-4545. 
Donde: 2171 Ave. las Americas altos
Cuando: Lunes 7:00 PM 

No se devuelve el dinero despues que la session comienzan. 

Fitness Barre class

is at new location: 
This class explore the elements of Ballet, Pilates and stretch/Strength training. A combination of cardiovascular exertion, muscle

strength, flexibility and grace. 

To pre-register please contact Fanny at  

 Hurry! spaces are filling for this class. 

When: Mondays at 7:00 PM  

Where: V studio, 2171 Ave. Las America Ponce PR 00732

No refunds after the session starts. 


Classes around the Ponce  


for information call 939-209-2433

Cost: class passes 6 X $ 66, 5 X $ 60, 4 X $ 52.






Registration: 770-595-1335770-595-1335 or e-mail


*Subscription series means that you paid in bulk regardless if you come or not. No refunds after term starts.



Morning Yoga, Fridays @ 9:30 AM 

Going beyond the body

Fridays Yoga 6 weeks 2 sessionís term:


Cost: class passes 6 X $ 60, 5 X $ 55, 4 X $ 48.



 Yoga for the spine Tuesdays @ 7:00 PM 

Tuesday Yoga 6 weeks 2 sessionsí term:


Cost: class passes 6 X $ 66, 5 X $ 60, 4 X $ 52.

 Registration: 939-209-2433 or e-mail

 *Subscription series means that you paid in bulk regardless if you

come or not. No refunds after term starts.

 Morning Pilates Mat 

Class Wednesdays @


9:30 AM 

Wednesdays @ 9;30 AM




Wednesdays Pilates 6 weeks 2 session terms:

Session 1: Wednesdays @ 9:30 AM.  

Session 2: Wednesdays @ 9:30 AM.  

Class passes: 6 X $ 66, 5 X $ 60, 4X $ 52

Location: Portales de Vista Bahia, 523 Paseo Cielo y Mar

 Registration: 939-209-24 33 or e-mail


*Subscription series means that you paid in bulk regardless if you come or not. No refunds after term starts.


Introducing the Pink Ribbon Post Operative Program in Atlanta GA.

This is a 6 weeks program for Cancer Survivors  who have done their Post Operative Radiation Treatments and Physical Therapy (around 12 weeks after surgery).

The program is desigened by Exersice Physiology and Pilates Master Instructor, Doreen Puglisi. I have the honor to trained under the wind of Ms. Puglisi last year and learn to appreciated the delicate labor of working with recovering survivors, that inspires me to be part of the journey back to wellness by bringing this post opertive program here in Decatur.

It is also my personal comitmment as well as my husband's Dr. Harold Saavedra (Breast Cancer Faculty at Emory) to ensure that the mechanisims that affect breast cancer are discovered, treated and recovered using the scientific paradimgs as well as Somatic and Wellness pradigms for a full integrative recovery of body-mind-spirit in everyone who takes this course.

6 Weeks Program cost $ 63.00

By appointment:  

For registration to this class, please call 770-595-1335 or e-mail: 

For more information about the Pink Ribbon Post Operative Program

 go to



1. Awakening the Spine: Saturday 1:00 to 4:00 PM @ SomaEnergio, Decatur Studio.

Cost: $ 35.00  

2. Karma Headache: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM @ SomaEnergio, Decatur Studio.
Cost: $ 35.00 

3.Re-clainming PMS: Powerful, Mystical and Sensual
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM @ SomaEnergio, Decatur Studio.
Cost: $ 35.00 


        For the Serious Student! 


  you must have permission of the

instructor to enroll.

Private and semi-private instruction on Wednesdays @ 1:00 to 6:00 PM.  





Contact: or call 939-209-2433 to set an appointment.  


Cost:Several options to choose from. Please, go to the fees and check out page. 

Location: Penuelas, Puerto Rico

Registration: 939-209-2433 or e-mail




" You need to stop flaundering. 

Instead focus, and you see how

you will accomplish your goals"

Dr. Seymour Kleinman, Professor Emeritus,

Somatic Studies,

The Ohio State University